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Help needed ;)

Hey guys!

Do you know in which episode either Sam or Dean stands in the bathroom for some time (brushing teeth, or cooling of the face) , then notices that it's silent in the other room, so then turns around and ask for their sibling?

Or when they are in the motel room looking for their sibling in the bathroom?

I don't know if this is actually a scene on supernatural or if I just imagine this. xD But I think their is one either in season 5,6 or 7.

It would be great, if you can help me out! :)
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I need a clip of Sam looking adoringly at something/someone. It needs to be an inside shot.

In context... I want to match Dean coming down the stairs in his tux in Red Sky at Morning with a clip of Sam looking at him pretty much the way Bella does.

Ack! AUs.../o\

Thanks if anyone can think of one. <333
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Where is this from?

Hello! I'm in the gathering mode for my next SPN vid and am beginning to look for my clips. YAY!

Does anyone know what episode this image is from? I have no idea if it's a screencap or a promo shot or what.

click image for larger version

Also, I'm looking for any suggestions for shots with Dean, Sam, John (even Mary if it exists? I can't remember) getting things in and out of the Impala. Weapons preferred, but anything is good.

Thank you!!!

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Hi Guys,

I am looking for a clip from season one where Sam reaches out to shake hands with someone. I have looked but I can't seem to find any scenes like that in season one.
Does any one know of any such scenes?

All help will be greatly appreciated!
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Dean and his baby

Hey guys!

Does anyone know a scene where...

1. Dean is leaning/resting his arms and upper body on the roof/hood of the impala or anything similair to that and while doing so he is looking happy/ is smilins/smirking?
2. Where Deans hand trace along the Impala

Thanks in advance ! :)

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Posted with kind permission from the_muppet!

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