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Big List of Vidding Help Sites 
29th-May-2009 09:29 pm
spn_sceneit doesn’t offer technical help and tips. Why is that? There are lots of wonderful places already dedicated to helping vidders with their technological, effects and general program questions. This post is designed to point people to those sites.

Whether you’re a complete beginner wondering how to cut a clip in two, trying out a new program for the first time, or wondering how to get the cool effect you saw the other day, we hope there will be something here for you.

If you know of any other sites or communities or resources that offer vidding help that you think should be listed, just drop a comment on this post and a moderator will check it out.

Expanding the Verse help forums
Supernatural Video Station (which was a forum for Supernatural vidders) has now sadly closed. Fear not though, as Expanding the Verse (a multi-fandom vidding community) has taken over where it left off. This message board community is generally very helpful, friendly and welcoming. They also have a darn good help section (much of which has been saved from the old SVS boards). It’s particularly good for Sony Vegas users, with an active Sony Vegas help thread and a beginner’s guide available. There are certainly users of other editing software hanging out there too though, so don’t be shy if you’re using another program.

This LJ community is a must for any vidder. Anything vidding related is welcome. Make sure you check the memories before asking a tech questions though. They are very well organised and quite often if you’re having trouble, someone else has had the same problem before.

A community for all vidders to share their knowledge of software and techniques.

This is a place for new vidders (or wannabe vidders) to gather and ask questions, swap tips, help each other, get feedback, and start down the treacherous vidding path.

This community is for Mac Vidders to ask questions, post tips and tricks, and get support and assistance. They also ask that you check the memories before posting a question.

This community newsletter is a useful resource for all vidders. It covers recent legal/technical developments impacting vidding, meta chat about vidding, technical round-ups and vid recs across all fandoms.

The Big List of Vid Meta
The name speaks for itself. Vidders beware, there is so much information you could drown in it.

Another good place to look for tutorials is Youtube. Simply stick something like "tutorial, sony vegas" in the search box and there are some great step-by-step guides to be found.

30th-May-2009 03:35 am (UTC)
I'd also suggest the Vidding Newsletter - keep up with recent legal/technical developments impacting vidding, meta chat about vidding, technical round-ups and of course vid recs across all fandoms
30th-May-2009 03:40 am (UTC)
Sure, we're already affiliated with veni_vidi_vids. It's a great community newsletter. :)
I was mostly trying to list sources of technical help and in doing so I forgot they do list tech and meta. I'll happily add them too. :)

Thank you! :)

Edited at 2009-05-30 03:52 am (UTC)
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