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Vid Beta Request Template 
20th-Nov-2008 09:16 pm
We've decided to add beta request posts on trial over here at spn_sceneit. So, if you're making a Supernatural vid and would like someone to look it over for you, feel free to use the template below.

Anyone can reply and offer their beta services to you. It's up to you to arrange a way for your chosen beta/s to view your vid and get in contact with you.

We hope this is a useful addition to the community. Feel free to leave us feedback or comments at the suggestion box and ENJOY!

Please use this template for all beta requests you wish to make on this comm:


Vidder name:
Category: AU/romance/action/wincest/character study etc.
Brief summary of vid:
Video editing software: What software are you using?
Level of beta required: eg. Harsh - I can take it, or just the good stuff, etc. Please be honest; it helps you both.
Specifics: eg. beat help, colouring help, software help, general overall look at vid, etc.)
Timeframe: eg. I want it done tonight or I'd like someone to look at it more than once, etc.

Copy and paste the text into a new post.

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