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The One Stop Inspiration Post 
21st-Feb-2011 05:13 pm
Becc_j Art

Here it is - the One Stop Inspiration Post.

The place to come if you want to give or receive inspiration for a Supernatural vid.

Have you always wanted to see the boys dancing to a Bollywood number? Do you want to suggest the perfect song for a Dean vid? If you have creative vidding ideas flitting around in your brain that just need to be shared, you've come to the right place.

Leave your spare vid ideas in the comments and maybe a vidder looking for inspiration will see it and want to vid it.

Hey vidders. Here are links to past Inspiration Posts. If you are stuck for an idea then take a look. There are some wonderful suggestions here.

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Please feel free to post ideas any time.
2nd-Sep-2011 12:40 am (UTC) - Dean's catchphrase
So, I've seen vids of times Dean has said "Son of a bitch." But what about when he's actually used it with inflection? Examples: anger in "Bad Day At Black Rock" (after he finds his scratch tickets have been stolen) comedic effect in "Changing Channels" (sitcom scene) or shocked/sad in "The Man Who Would Be King." String 'em together with any other instances of Dean using it to show his emotion. Thanks to any who take up this (simple?) challenge/request.
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