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4th-Mar-2016 05:28 am - Sam Scene Search
J2 TV Guide shoot
Can anyone suggest scenes of Sam:

  • talking to or even interrogating a witness/victim?

  • comforting a victim?

  • being heartfelt?

  • in his Fed suit working a case?

  • showing his research skills/intellect?

  • being humorous?

Generally being an all-around badass hunter?

Any suggestions on a good song for a Sam vid that shows all his facets from combat to heartfelt dialogue?
Carry On
I know it's somewhere in season 4. I don't think Dean knows about Sam drinking Ruby's blood yet and Sam sneaks out of their motel room to take a hot. He puts some in his hand out of a flask I think and licks it off. Hope I'm not remembering wrong cause it would work well with a vid I am making.
22nd-Feb-2015 10:39 am - SPN SCENE HUNT
Misha » kiss ♥, Jim, Actors » Jensen

I am looking for quite a lot of scenes, but maybe you can help out!

#1 Scenes where Sam and Dean or only one of them is in the woods/on grass/walking on a rual road (no suits on ;))
#2 Scenes where Sam and Dean are in a barn or really, realy old and abandoned house
#3 Scenes where they look really exhausted
#4 Scenes where you can see Dean shooting someone on the ground

Thanks in advance!
30th-Dec-2014 07:47 pm - Help!
Scene Search
Hey all!

I'm trying to think of all the episodes where little girls appear in the show. I'm particularly after obscure shots (backs of legs, arms,…etc), but any episode suggestions would be great (I already have Playthings and Something Wicked).

Or ANY footage (from any show) featuring a little girl (around 5) - I would ideally love footage of a girl going to school, holding a man's hand, being in peril… (something I could blend with SPN footage).

Thanks! <3
23rd-Aug-2014 08:00 pm - Awesome resource!!
Scene Search
cerului has created google docs for ALL the Supernatural season transcripts. This means that if you are looking for particular dialogue you can Ctrl-F or Command-F and type in the word or phrase you are looking for and it will find it quickly and easily. This could be useful for vidding, making gifs or doing research. cerului created these for a project she is doing and thought it would be helpful for anyone else needing to find specific dialogue.

The transcripts have been copied from the wonderful resource SuperWiki.

cerului has them linked on her journal HERE.

Or, go directly to each season:

Season One

Season Two

Season Three

Season Four

Season Five

Season Six

Season Seven

Season Eight

Season Nine
19th-Aug-2014 03:49 pm - Scene hunt: pizza
Starrylizard - Dean mugshot
Episode: Any
Scene: I need the boys (or anyone else) eating pizza. The bigger and messier the better. I think in S6 there's scenes of Death eating pizza, that would do too if anyone can remember which episode. So anything pizza-related. I just need one pizza scene for a vid.

12th-Nov-2013 07:44 pm - Help...
I think you might be seeing me around here a bit because my memory ain't what it used to be. Plus..over 8 seasons! I can't remember that many eps /o\

I'm looking for the scene where Dean (I assume?) puts a cassette tape in the car's player (not the pilot one).


scenes where the boys are being chased or running away from something. I have Hunted and Hell House ones. I'd love something recent-ish, but old footage would be cool also.

Thank you! :))
7th-Oct-2013 09:48 pm - Clip Ideas

Can anyone think of any clips where Sam and Dean are laughing either in or near the Impala? Needs to be at night, really. (And unfortunately I've already used the clip from Hell House).

28th-Sep-2013 01:28 am - Clip search
Can anyone think of any scenes where Dean is smirking, the more sinister the better? Or, alternatively, looking down at someone?

Thank yooouuu~
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