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Inspiration Post | April 09 
4th-Apr-2009 09:49 am
Girl: music | earphones
Welcome to the April edition of our inspiration post =)

Any ideas for a vid you want to see? A song you'd love someone used? Maybe a pairing that's never been done yet? Or maybe you're stuck on something and need a little help with vidder-block? Everything and anything - feel free to comment and discuss in this post.

March Inspiration Post can be found here.

4th-Apr-2009 03:08 pm (UTC)
What about a Win!sister vid?

I'll admit, I have no idea about a clue or what you could use as a video source but I bet there is something out there that could be used.

Any takers :P
4th-Apr-2009 03:09 pm (UTC)
Bah, that should be I have no idea about a song.
10th-Apr-2009 01:30 pm (UTC) - Sam vid
I was listening to Muse, wondering which songs would make good SPN vids (as you do) when I got to New Born, and gosh darn it but it would make for an amazingly creepy Sam season 4 vid!

Here's the original: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FDDCieKfrvY

here's the full lyrics: http://www.metrolyrics.com/new-born-lyrics-muse.html

and here's a few choice snippets:

How much are you worth
You can't come down to earth
You're swelling up, you're unstoppable

'cause you've seen, seen
Too much, too young, young
Soulless is everywhere

and it ends on:
Destroy the spineless
Show me it's real
Wasting their last chance
To come away
Just break the silence
'cause I'm drifting away
Away from you
16th-Apr-2009 02:25 pm (UTC)
I used to make vids but i had to stop, but i still think of vid ideas all the time. I thought why not post them here? Hope they come in handy to someone.

Kanye - amazing (Dean)
Everlast - We're all gonna die (Dean)
Augustana - Dust (Dean or sam)
Alanis - Tapes (Dean or sam)
Blackpool lights - Crash (Dean & Sam, Deans p.o.v)
The damning well - Awakening (Dean or Sam)
Citizen Cope - Comin back (Dean, or all Winchester men)
Aimee Mann - Wise up (Dean)
Portishead - Roads (Supernatural, general)
Kings of Leon - Closer (Dean)
Rosie Thomas - Death came and got me (Dean, or everyone)
3 doors down - she don't want the world (Jo, or all love interest)
Aerosmith - Full circle (Supernatural, general)
Citizen Cope - Let the drummer kick (Supernatural, general)
Yael Naim - New soul (Castiel, anna or all angels)
Filter - Trip like i do (Dean & Sam)
Tapping the vein - Cornflake girl (Ruby or bella)
Pixies - Where is my mind - (Supernatural, general)
Straylight run - Hand in the sky (Yellow eyed demon, or all Villains)
Chronic future - Time & time again (Dean & Sam, or everyone)
Sneaker pimps - Grazes (Dean dealing with sam changing)
21st-Apr-2009 09:45 pm (UTC) - Looking for vids -- new, old, or in-between
Hey there,

I am *not* a vidder. I stand in awe of you all and your editing and visual storytelling ability.

That said, though, music propells my muse and I am looking for some vids to some of my current favorite playlist songs to help with inspiration for some upcoming stories I'm working on. I put a post on my LJ about this and el1ie suggested I come over here and make the request.


I would love some Winchester inspiration to any of the following songs:

Hope, Vol. 2 -- Apocalyptica & Matthias Sayer, Amplified: A Decade of Reinventing the Cello
Nutshell -- Alice in Chains, Jar of Flies
Dead Reckoning -- Clint Mansell, Smokin' Aces Soundtrack
Again -- Fuel, Angels & Devils
Weapon -- Matthew Good, In a Coma: 1995-2005
Born to Kill -- Mattew Good Band, Beautiful Midnight
Sailed Away -- Saving Abel, Saving Able
Tied My Hands -- Seether, One Cold Night
Fade -- Staind, Break the Cycle
Devil -- Staind, Chapter V
So Long, Good-bye -- 10 Years, Division

Angsty, hurt, fighting, working together, family, brothers, sons, hunters, drivers of kick-ass cars... anything goes.

I've seen all epis up to the most recent, so no worries about spoilers. If you have a vid to one of these songs already, I would LOVE the link.

Thank you so much.

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